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Rotary – where people help people and achieve extraordinary things.


For over 100 years, motivated people around the world have come together as Rotarians to unite the power of one with the power of many to bring about exceptional change in the world.

Made up of men and women across all vocations and cultures, Rotary is a non-political, non-religious global organisation focussed on improving the wellbeing of local and international communities and bringing about world peace and understanding.

To be a Rotarian is simply to have a desire to do something to help others.

To be a Rotarian is to develop your skills, broaden your networks, grow your understanding and knowledge, enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded people and build life-long friendships.

With 32000 Rotarians in over 1100 clubs in Australia and over 1.2 million Rotarians in over 32700 clubs around the world, that’s a powerful lot of people making a difference.


Lower Blue Mountains Rotary Club is a group of over 50 people, men and women, with diverse ideals, beliefs and cultures, whose prime aim is to improve living standards in local and global communities.

To this end, we work together to raise money by participating in numerous projects large and small. Moneys raised are donated to various organisations - again local and global - and are used to provide educational, health and cultural benefits to people of all ages. We add to moneys raised internationally for worldwide projects such as Polio Plus, which aims to remove Polio from the world (and has almost succeeded), as well as other worthwhile projects. 

We support Youth Development and the Literacy movement and take part in various reading projects, such as “Paint the Blue Read” for small children and provide books for those who may otherwise not have any.

We also fund local community events, such as the 'Young at Heart' Christmas luncheon for senior citizens and the Australia Day festivities in Glenbrook Park. 

We entertain ourselves both on informative and fun Club nights, as well as outings and events, dinners, breakfasts and enjoy many Rotary events - dressing up when the opportunity arises. Our meetings are always fun and informative, with interesting guest speakers each week.

All in all, belonging to Lower Blue is fun. Come and join us!


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Our History


Rotary Club of Lower Blue Mountains Key Events Timeline

Formed as the Rotary Club of Blaxland-Springwood in 1968. The organisation meeting as the Provisional Rotary Club of Blaxland-Springwood, convened by District Governor John Moon, was held at Cheppy's Restaurant on Wednesday, October 23. The following office bearers were elected: 
President Hubert Watkin-Smith 
Vice President David Deutcher 
Hon. Secretary Les Paterson 
Hon. Treasurer Allan Evett 
Directors Bill Goodchild, Ted O'Rafferty and Bert Andrews

The Club was officially admitted to Rotary International on November 2 1968, with 30 charter members.


Severe bushfires ravaged the area soon after the club was formed. Rotarians performed magnificently during the fires and in the demanding days that followed. Individual help included transport, fire fighting, mopping up, demolition, rebuilding and provision of clothing, food, accommodation, furniture, etc.

The club supplied a stovette for each of the 40 temporary dwellings, contributed towards the cost of a refrigerator for each dwelling, gave $300 to each of the five Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades, gave $600 towards St. Davids Church of England Rebuilding Fund and supplied toys and Christmas cakes to fire victims.

Secretary Les Paterson served on the deputy-Mayor's Relief Fund which met on over twenty full days, considered more than 300 claims and distributed in excess of $200,000.

Most of the first six months of the club's existence was occupied in relief work. However, many more projects were completed, including the supply of an Ultrasonic Nebulizer for a desperately ill Springwood girl and the donation of an electric wheelchair to the Spastic Centre of N.S.W.

In our first two years, all members subscribed to the official magazine of Rotary International, The Rotarian, and from the second year, all members also became subscribers to Rotary Down Under by resolution of the club. This practice continued until 1978, when Rotary Down Under became the official magazine for this region.

For his work for The Rotary Foundation at club and district level, where he served for five years as Rotary Foundation Promotion Chairman, PP Les Paterson was awarded a Citation for Meritorious Service in 1974 and the first Distinguished Service Award to come to Australia (one of only 12 awarded worldwide) in 1976.

During its existence, the club has done much to make our immediate district a better place in which to live and has also assisted in projects outside our immediate district and at international level.

It is impossible, in the space available, to list all of these but some outstanding ones are worthy of mention.

The happy facilities at Blue Gum Lodge was funded by proceeds from our first Arts and Crafts show and two very successful "white elephant" sales many years ago.

A great record of service has been built since 1978. The club hosted what was then possibly the Rotary district's biggest assembly with over 400 incoming officers attending.

We presented a complete set of night landing lights to Careflight and regularly support special appeals by community organisations in the mountains.

Each year, drivers are supplied for The Red Shield Appeal and three of our members have served as District Chairmen.

Bus seats have been provided at 14 strategic locations in the area and special telephones have been purchased and presented to residents with impaired hearing.

Two black-topped baseball courts and a play wall were built in St. John's Road by the members' own efforts.

For 20 years we supported the Lower Blue Mountains Garden Club in conducting the magnificent Spring Flower Show and for over 20 years the club supplied loads of split firewood for elderly people in our area.

Rotarian Garry Jones turned the club's firewood service into a valuable profit making activity, whilst still providing a vital service to the elderly and needy.

Name of the club changed to Rotary Club of Lower Blue Mountains in 1984.

The club supported a wide range of Rotary youth programs, developed a popular playground facility for children in Glenbrook, provided a flagpole and barbecues for Glenbrook Village Park, sponsored a series of vocational awards to recognise the service of outstanding contributors to the local business community, and continues to provide unstinting support for the annual Glenbrook Village Fair.

In 1993, to mark its 25th anniversary, our club has planned some spectacular projects - a recreation area for the disabled, a Monster Australia Day Street Party in Glenbrook, and special activities for senior citizens.

This Street Party evolved into the Australia Day festivities at Glenbrook Park, an event that attracts an estimated 8000 people and has won numerous excellence awards from Blue Mountains City Council.

An innovation of one of our members, David Cook, the Australian Gnome Convention is also held on Australia Day and brings much fun and entertainment to young and old alike and now has brought us both national and international recognition.

Also during the 90’s, the club ran an annual fundraising Art Union, with a Holden car as first prize and were also involved in running a jazz festival at the Norman Lindsay Gallery.

In 1992, we commenced Young at Heart, which is a Christmas luncheon held for elderly people from the local community. This event is looked forward to by older local residents and is a great combination of food and song.

In 2004, we commenced what has become our biggest fundraising project, the Glenbrook Rotary Markets. The brainchild of Ken Linfoot, this monthly market has grown to more than 120 stalls and attracts thousands of people who come and choose from the wide array of food, gifts and specialty items for sale.

In 2013, we commenced the Glenbrook Rotary Farmers and Gourmet Food Market, which has been very popular with local residents and visitors to our region.

Three of our Club members have been awarded the OAM, Bob Aitken and John Wakefield for services to Rotary and Susan Wakefield for her work with the Guiding movement and many club members are actively involved in Rotary at a District level, bringing credit to our club for their excellent work.

Our club is currently involved in many projects and you can find out more about them by selecting the Club Projects link on this web site. If you would like to Donate to a Project or Volunteer at one of our events, please contact us using the Get Involved or Contact link on this web site.