Paul Harris Fellows

John Dawson 2012
Irene Morrison  
David Anslow (dec)  
Frank Behl  2011
John Hope   
Terry Marshall   
Geoff Vallance  
Paul Pollett  2010
Alan Clarke   
Mick Harriden   
Geoff Hawken   
David Clark   
Pam Thompson  2008
Ken Linfoot   
Brian Bonham   
Carolyn Cook  2007
Jerry Carroll   
Del Jeal   
Bob Jeal   
Jan Winterburn  2006
Russ Smith (sapphire pin)    
Gideon Goosen - for services to refugees settling in Australia   
Barry Fraser   
Karalyn Brown   
David Arnold   
Joan Dennis  2004
Roger Winterburn   
Beryl JohnsonAnne Aitken   
Susan Wakefield   
Peggy Henningham  
David Cook  2003
Mark Sheldon-Collins   
Ken Williams - for services to community through fire services   
Bob Aitken - 2nd sapphire pin   
John Hollis - for community activities including the Rural Fire Service   
Len Cusack    
John Keogh   
Alan Bewley -  for his outstanding community service in the Warrimoo area  
Trevor Lloyd   
Russell Smith  
Leon F Smith  2000
Bob Aitken - sapphire pin   
Brian Doherty 1999
Ian Davis  1998
Joan Peard -  wife of charter member and Past President Bill Peard was recognised   
as a Paul Harris Fellow as a result of a lifetime of community service to the   
Glenbrook community.    
John Virtue  1997
Bill Drinkwater   
Roy Babbage  1996
Garry Jones   
John Wakefield (OAM)  
Joy Boehm  -  for her services to the Secretaries Association and the wider community  
 over many years.  
Klaus Fegebank  -  for his contribution through the Red Shield Appeal  
Col Hibbard   
Grahame White 1993 
Leon W Smith  1992
Paul Henningham AOM, sapphire pin   
Doug Stuart  1991
Bob Aitken   
Frank Totenhofer   
Ern Britten   
Bill Peard   
Russ Nyman  1989
Hank Bleeker   
John Leard AM - for his services to the Australian Corporate world and the   
wider community  
David Brown    
Cam Ashelford  1987
Adrian Knox 1984
Keith Mortin  1980
Paul Henningham AOM   
Rob Murray - deceased   
Paul Henningham AOM  
Les Patterson  1972